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KGCS-mathMs. Roldan and Ms. Chambers took adding money and making change to another level when they transformed one of their classrooms into a restaurant experience. Their students created a simple three course menu and took on the roles of wait staff and patrons. The activity began with some impressive teacher modeling. Ms. Chambers served Ms. Roldan demonstrating how to take the order, tally the total, serve the meal, take payment, and provide change. After reviewing their expectations, Ms. Chambers instructed her students to begin waiting on Ms. Roldan’s class. The “wait staff” did a fabulous job of taking their orders, serving the (real) food, creating the bills, and providing the correct change to their “guests”. The students then switched rolls. Our CRT had the pleasure of partaking in the activity, and she was delighted to see 100% student engagement. The students were able to apply their knowledge of adding money and calculating change while having an amazing real-life experience. We are so proud of Ms. Roldan and Ms. Chambers for always coming up with fun, real-life applications to help their students deepen their understanding of the standards.