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At Keys Gate Charter School we understand that the arts help inspire and motivate students to think passionately and creatively, and to empower students to have the ability to respond to the world with insight and innovation. Our seventh annual art show showcases what has been taught throughout this school year. Students had the opportunity to learn about who they are and study other peoples and cultures. Through art history, discussion, and technical work, students will be exposed to a wide variety of historical/cultural thought and perspectives, and the basic fundamentals of art. Students have the opportunity to practice and learn art on a deep level, strengthen their artistic abilities, and prepare a personal portfolio’s. Our art show is a proof of a coherent, cumulative, and cross-curricular curriculum in art.

The art show uses visual arts to promote events within the school, displaying close to three hundred matted art works hung from the ceiling of the cafeteria as though it is an art gallery during Miami’s Art Basel art festival event.