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In this radial symmetry art lesson, students were challenged to create artwork that integrated the elements of art such as, color, shape, space, and form, with mathematical terms and practices (symmetry, radius, right angles, measurements, etc). Because FSA and EOC testing is quickly approaching, this lesson was created to keep students’ minds fresh with common terms, while understanding how math plays an essential part in art.
In this project, students measure and cut their own paper at specific measurements. They discussed terms such as right angles, vertical and horizontal folds, symmetry, and radius. The students would then apply their newly acquired knowledge on paper folds to create 3-dimensional artwork that required symmetry, with patterns in colors and folds, while still keeping their measurements and folding precise.
The goal of this project was to use and understand the vocabulary pertaining to math and art, while creating a precise and visually appealing piece of art.